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Marvel's Iron Man VR is an action shooter based on the character of the same name. It is currently being developed by Camouflaj and is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Iron Man Saves the World, but Maybe VR Too

Posted by Gemerew

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Marvel's Iron Man VR is an action shooter based on the character of the same name. It is currently being developed by Camouflaj and is to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The Iron Man VR game is diverse and immersive. Here is our experience with the game to give you an impression of what it is like to play it.

You put on the VR glasses. Everything is black at first. But then you hear the rattling and clicking similar to the Iron Man films, the software starts up, and the individual helmet components become active. Suddenly the screen is no longer black, and in front of you there is a wide landscape in the sunset light, below you is water, in the distance, you can see the horizon. You’re in the Iron Man suit — and therefore you are Tony Stark.

In reality, you have a PlayStation VR headset on your head, and you are holding two brightly lit Move controllers. In the game, you can either fly or shoot thanks to the blasters on your hands and feet. You can also clench your fist and throw a good punch. You activate something at the push of a button. Because playing with Move controllers requires some practice, it takes a certain amount of time to get used to the mechanics, but at the core, the game is easy to learn.

The Dream of Flying — Without Motion Sickness

The first thing you need to do is to go to the practice area to try out the basic controls. It’s about getting used to flying, shooting, and punching obstacles out of the way. We move by placing our arms close to our body and turning the hands — much like the movement Tony Stark makes in the Iron Man films.

Although, as Iron Man, you are flying fast and avoiding or smashing obstacles, the entire experience never makes you sick — even though you can get sick very quickly with other VR experiences. That is a surprise — we already have as a rule of thumb to get prepared for nausea after playing virtual reality games.

As soon as you have mastered the controls, the demo lets you dive into the story. You find yourself in Tony Stark’s private jet, together with the AI FRIDAY, who also supports you technically in your Iron Man suit, and Pepper Potts. The story is based on the past Iron Man films. Pepper has just been given the leadership of Stark Industries. However, the VR experience is not related to the Avenger films.

Suddenly you are attacked by the mysterious opponent Ghost, who hacked your systems and, at the same time, set drones on the plane. They tear a huge hole in the jet, and you are forced overboard to get the systems up and running and get rid off the nasty attackers. Additionally to shooting and flying, other mechanics come into play here.

When Gripping Becomes the Greatest Challenge

First of all, you have to grab objects and put them back into the correct position. So far, we have managed very well with the controls, but this task is really hard. Because the tracking of the Move controllers is, unfortunately, not quite precise and only works within a small radius around you, your arms glitch past the item again and again.

Additionally, Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a 360-degree experience, but the PSVR still doesn’t work without cables. Unfortunately, because you can be completely immersed in virtual reality and lose all sense of space and time in the real world, you might notice too late that you have spun a couple of times too much on your own axis. And you had wrapped the PSVR around your legs several times. You could have plunged into the television in front of you with the glasses on — how embarrassing!

With a few turns in the opposite direction, you unravel again. Unfortunately, that pulls you briefly out of the otherwise immersive Iron Man experience, and it also gets you further from the tracking radius. Fortunately, the game shows that you are no longer trackable — then you have to take a few steps back or to the side, and you can continue playing as normal.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Could Save Virtual Reality

Iron Man VR might be the first game in which we can fully enjoy virtual reality. Although we are moving and not jumping from point to point like with so many other VR experiences, we don’t feel bad. We get varied gameplay and even a decent story. Whether it is good or not, we will probably only find out after the release. The game should appear this year. And for a while, we will be able to immerse ourselves in the virtual place fully and completely forget about our own reality — an amazingly pleasant feeling!

But even the triple-A Marvel’s Iron Man has to struggle with some eternal VR problems: your arms glitch through the virtual world, although, in reality, you keep them completely still. And the cable of the PSVR headset becomes a dangerous trip hazard if you get lost in the experience and can no longer pay attention to your real environment.

Still, Marvel’s Iron Man VR could be the first game that will really make someone buy a headset. So far, the technology is still in the niche; hardly any players have their own glasses at home. Who knows, maybe Iron Man can change that? It would make the game the lifesaver that VR has been looking for, so, Iron Man not only saves lives but possibly virtual reality too!



Graphics 4.0
Gameplay 5.0
Controls 4.0
Replay Value 3.0
Average: 4.3


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